Prints with Scottish Deerhounds

Title: "The Wally Dug", Artist: Julia Reid, Size: 9.8 x 6.7 inch (25 x 17 cm)
Title:"Such gifts that heaven shall share with you", Artist: Elle J.Wilson, Date of issue: 2010, Size: 7 x 5 inch ( 17,8 x 12,7 cm), Limited Edition (No.27 of 50)
Title: Mr. G. W. Hickman's Lord of the Isles Date of Birth: 1 August 1879 Source: British Dogs by Hugh Dalziel Chapter: Scotch Deerhounds Year of issue: 1888 (second Edition) Page: 48
Title: Deerstalking: " By George! Missed again", Size: 8,5 x 6,1 inch (21,5 x 15,7 cm), The print is of the newspaper "The Illustrated London News", Date of issue: 30.September 1871
Title: "Der Schottische Hirschhund - The Highland Deerhound", Size: 6,9 x 4,7 inch (17,5 x 12 cm)