Lucy (Fritzens Bitter Sweet)

Joerg with Lucy (Fritzens Bitter-Sweet, 12 weeks old) in September 2011
My name is Lucy. Greetings to all friends. Your Lucy
Lucy (autumn 2011) and Yoki in backround
Lucy and the bamboo (October 2011)
Lucy at the end of September 2011 on the lawn
Lucy (left) with Pauline (Greyhound) and Yoki in winter 2011/2012
Lucy with cap (Juni/2012)
Lucy on our ground (Juni/2012)
Jambie(Greyhound), Lucy and Yoki (July 2012)
Luyc (end of September 2012)
Lucy in winter 2012/2013
My Scottish Deerhounds Lucy(left) and Yoki in February 2013.
Lucy in full speed (March 2013)
Lucy (Fritzens Bitter-Sweet, right) and Yoki (Fritzens Zulu) in April 2013
Lucy with Greyhound Jambie in September 2013
Lucy in March 2014
Lucy in June 2014
Lucy in July 2014
Lucy in August 2014
Lucy in December 2014