Yoki (Fritzens Zulu)

Joerg Yoki with Yoki (Fritzens Zulu) in December 2009
Yoki (Fritzens Zulu) in March 2010
Yoki in age of 6 months (April 2010)
Joerg and Yoki in May 2010
Joerg with Yoki in Spring 2011
Joerg with Yoki in our company (Spring 2011)
Joerg with Yoki on Dog Show in June 2011 ( First CAC for Yoki)
Yoki in October 2011
Yoki in February 2012
Yoki in July 2012
Yoki on the water (July/2012)
Joerg with Yoki in August 2012
Joerg and Yoki and our compact tractor of the brand with the deer in the logo (08/2012)
Yoki in winter 2012/2013
Yoki in May 2013
Yoki in Summer 2013
Yoki with Greyhound Pauline in December 2014